Sol Casino privacy policy 

Sol Casino privacy policy can be read at the casino’s website. All the information in this guide aims to explain the casino’s privacy policy and make it simpler for guests to understand.

The company Galaktika N.V. controls and processes all the personal data of Sol Casino users.

·        The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) principles are applied to protect and prevent any illegal practices on Sol Casino.

·        All personal data must be correct and valid. Guests are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their data.

·        Sol Casino uses personal data to provide their guests with the best services including maintaining their accounts and records, communicating with their guests, answering questions and comments, notifying them about special offers and services, and transferring their winnings.

·        In some cases, personal data is transferred by the casino to any of the casino’s affiliated companies or business partners. The casino makes sure that these companies will protect the guests’ data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). In addition, the personal data may be shared with other third parties to make sure that the casino’s processes run smoothly and effectively.

In a nutshell, guests’ personal data is completely safe.

·        The Guests’ Rights

1. Guests can ask Sol Casino to correct or delete their personal data.

2. If the personal data processing is not accurate or illegal or the guest is against deleting personal data, data processing restriction can be set.

3. Guests can object the processing of their personal data before checking the legal grounds of the processing.

4. Guests should be informed if the casino will store any information about them. Also, the casino must provide the guest with the duration of the data storage.

5. Guests can ask the casino about the purposes of data collection and processing.

6. If the casino violated any rules, guests can submit a complaint to the EU Organization of the European Data Protection Supervisor to protect their data.

7. For more information, please visit Sol Casino’s Privacy Policy page.

·        The Guests’ Obligations

1. Guests must provide accurate personal data and update if any data changed.

2. Guests must notify the casino if there was a violation of their personal data by a third party.

3. Guests must inform the casino if they do not approve any of the data processing purposes or if they want to terminate the data processing.

4. Guests are completely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their data.

5. For more information, please visit Sol Casino’s Privacy Policy page.

·        The Casino’s Rights

1. The casino has the right to terminate the relationship between it and the guest if the latter does not provide consent to process the personal data.

2. The casino has the right to do data protection changes without consent from the guests.

·        The Casino’s Obligations

1. If any corrections or deletion occurred to your personal data, the casino must notify you.

2. The casino has the right to restrict personal data processing by third parties unless it is impossible or requires a huge, disproportionate effort.

3. The casino must inform guests about the recipients of their personal data if they requested.

4. The casino must provide guests with their stored personal data in a structured format if they requested.

5. The casino must inform the supervisory authority about any violation of the personal data of the users within 72 hours.

6. The casino must inform the guests about any violation of their personal data, especially at high risks.

7. For more information, please visit Sol Casinos Privacy Policy page.

·        The casino must comply with EU legislation for data protection and processing. The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC) as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC must be followed typically.

·        Regarding the transactions made via the website, the casino uses the latest technology to ensure the safety of their guests’ personal data. They use the 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a technology used by most legal and financial organizations. 

·        Sol Casino is allowed to use personal data for email marketing purposes. Guests can choose not to receive promotional materials during the registration process or unsubscribe from the casino’s mailing list whenever they want. Notice that some bonus features may be deactivated if you choose not to receive these emails.

·        NetEnt Privacy Policy and the casino’s policy are applied when guests play NetEnt slots.

·        Guests can submit a request via email [email protected] if they want to:

1. View any personal data

2. Make changes to or delete their personal data

3. Ensure that their personal data is safe

Notice that guests must submit a confirmation of identity while submitting the request. The casino can also charge fees for duplicate requests, requests for additional copies of the same data, and/or requests which are considered obviously unreasonable or excessive. Requests which are considered obviously unreasonable or excessive can be refused too.

The site is for informational purposes only. The website does not accept payments and does not host real money games.