Sol Casino Terms and Conditions 

When guests visit the Sol Casino Website, it means that they accept the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, all game Rules, Terms of Advertising, Bonuses, and Special Offers posted on the Website. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions before accepting them. It is the agreement between the website and its visitors. Therefore, if you do not agree with any of the terms, you should not use the website.

Here are the most important points of Sol Casino Terms and Conditions.

Creating an Account on Sol Casino

·        To enjoy Sol Casino, you need to create an account using your email and password. Also, you may be asked to provide some personal information such as your name, phone number, and date of birth.

·        When you sign up on Sol Casino, you agree that all your information is accurate and complete. Also, you agree to update all the information if any changes are made. If the information is not accurate, it may lead to the closure of your account, failure of transactions, and other restrictions.

·        Every guest is allowed to open one account on Sol Casino. This is applied to the IP address of the device you use and email. If you opened another account using the same device, Sol Casino will consider it a duplicate account and it will be closed. Bets and deposits made from duplicate accounts are returned to players, transactions are considered void, and all refunds and winnings received will be lost.

·        By signing up on Sol Casino, you agree to receive newsletters to your email. You can choose not to receive them or unsubscribe later.

Username, Password, and Security

·        Your account will be accessed using the username and password created by you. Once you open your account, you agree that your account will not be shared with third parties. Also, if you forgot your password, you can restore it by clicking on the “I forgot my password” link.

·        Players are completely responsible for their registration data and access restriction of third parties in addition to actions and transactions made from their accounts.

·        If there is unauthorized access to your account, you must notify the website immediately and provide proof of the unauthorized access. The website is not responsible for the misuse of your username and password.

·        The website protects the personal data of the players and shares information only with third parties responsible for security.

Site Gaming and Betting Regulations

·        You are responsible for your information validity associated with your transactions before confirming bets while playing.

·        All your transactions are available on your profile page.

·        If there is any violation of Sol Casino Terms and Conditions, the website can partially or completely refuse to complete your transactions. The website will send you a confirmation to be able to finalize your deals. Contact the support team if you do not receive this confirmation.

·        The main currency used on Sol Casino is Euro.

Changes in the Website

Sol Casino has the right to change the services it offers on the website as part of the website updates. Also, the website can modify games and stop game updates.

System Errors

If system failures or errors in games occur, the website is responsible for rectifying this situation immediately. However, the casino is not responsible for any errors that may occur due to software, malfunctions, internet connection problems, and other errors that may prevent guests from playing without interruption. 

Violation of Terms

·        If a guest violates the Terms and Conditions of the website, he/she must compensate the website for all costs, claims, debts, and any other expenses resulting from the violation.

·        You are completely responsible for indemnifying, defending the website’s interests, and protecting the website’s employees, partners, officers, and directors against any harms, costs, expenses, or damages that may occur due to one of the following reasons.

o   You are not compliant with Sol Casino’s Terms and Conditions.

o   You violate the law and/or rights of Sol Casino third parties.

o   If a third party uses your account, whether this use is authorized or not.

o   If you suspiciously received winnings.

·        If a violation of these terms occurred, Sol Casino is entitled, but not obliged to:

o   Send you a warning that you are violating the Terms and Conditions of the website and ask you to stop this violation immediately.

o   Suspend your account and prevent you from playing or making bets on the website.

o   Block your account with or without notifying you.

o   Delete your username and password if you continue to violate the Terms and Conditions.


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The site is for informational purposes only. The website does not accept payments and does not host real money games.